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4820 Strack Road, Houston, TX, 77069
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Non-sectarian co-educational serves preschool through 8th grade Before and after school programs are available. School philosophy emphasizes character, competence, confidence, curiosity and creativity. The Redd School is organized into age-appropriate sections that have been carefully tailored to meet the developmental needs of our students in each phase, from infants and toddlers, all the way through middle school. At every level, our students are engaged in an age-appropriate curriculum attuned to our educational mission, which pushes each child to his or her full potential and directs them toward future leadership and global citizenship. We begin by teaching the essential skills of reading, writing, mathematics and science. In preschool for example, we utilize an "inquiry-based" approach, embracing children's curiosity and playful nature in ways that progressively lead to higher forms of learning. In elementary school, students build on a base of knowledge and develop critical thinking skills that enable them to take on more complex learning tasks. By middle school our students are reading effectively, listening carefully, and speaking articulately. Middle School students are writing essays, research papers, poems, and thought-provoking personal reflections. They are also mastering the demanding concepts and processes of mathematics and science. At every level of our programs, Redd School students are also engaged in pursuits of arts, drama, physical education, technological learning and extracurricular activity designed to provide a well-rounded education, and a joyful, rewarding lifelong learning experience. For more information, please visit

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