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4820 Strack Road, Houston, TX, 77069
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Our preschool program establishes a level of comfort and mutual respect between our teachers and students that allows each child to feel comfortable in their uniqueness and individuality. Our students’ sense of respect carries over into how they interact amongst themselves also; we teach our students how to problem solve through conflicts resolution, how to act politely in various social situations, and how to be kind and helpful to their friends. We also encourage independent thinking, and use a multidisciplinary approach to teaching that adds value to early childhood education, which we believe is essential to each child’s academic and interpersonal development. At the Redd School we pride ourselves situated in having a tranquil, park-like setting. Our spacious campus includes, equestrian centre, petting zoo, garden. Our preschool buildings were designed with little people in mind – they are safe, comfortable, and full of stimulating materials affording teachers the ability to work one on one and make each child feel special. Our teachers were chosen for their expertise in the field of early childhood and for their loving concern for your child’s well being. They combine both attributes in the classroom and the result is well-adjusted, happy children who love learning. As a Redd School preschool parent you will receive a monthly itinerary of the curriculum, as well as a newsletter informing you of your child’s scheduled activities. Because this is such a critical age for a child, our focus is to first love them and then equip them with the tools to be independent thinkers and have a love of knowledge. We are more than just a preschool; we are the beginning of a journey. For more information, please visit

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