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I used to think that a leap year came every four years and meant that February was missing a day.  Now, I know this is no longer true.  A Carpool Mom leap year is when one has kids attending different schools.  Some of us even have a triple leap year and must taxi from an elementary, middle and high school. These chaotic years require enormous discipline and extraordinary timing.

If my morning flies off track, I can easily be responsible for eight children being tardy. This year, I have conquered the challenge of the leap year.  Out the door by 7:43, make the light by the second run, ask Sara if she has her soccer cleats BEFORE she gets in the car.  Call David’s house as I leave the driveway, beep on the horn 10 seconds after pulling up.  Get to the first school by the time the line gets around the fire hydrant and everyone gets to school on time.  All moms know that one wrong move and it all falls like a house of cards.  I’m also expected to get it right five days a week, twice a day. This is why my stress level is higher than Mount Everest!  The best part about a leap year? It too shall pass. Along with another birthday, visit to the dentist and April 15th.

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