Fun Activities for Holidays at Home

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The holidays bring fun, food, and time off from work and school. That means parents will be looking for quiet moments to relax and children will seek interesting ways to stay busy. Instead of your child spending valuable family time watching television or playing video games, here are some fun ways to get your children involved with other activities while enjoying quality time together.


When preparing your holiday meals and snacks, allow your child to play chef.  Cooking can be a lot of work but can also be a lot of fun when you create a kid-friendly cooking experience. Start by planning your meals. Be sure to include some of your child’s favorite choices and recipes that are simple enough for a child to follow. Allow your child to follow the recipe, make a grocery list, and join you at the store. Review the recipe again and divide the preparation into individual tasks for your children. Remember to assist your children with any tasks that are not appropriate for a child such as chopping or handling hot items. Also feel free to make a few recipe changes to make the dish more suitable for your family. For added fun, purchase chef outfits, take a picture, and share with your family and friends.


Have a family party. Enjoy an evening at home with music, snacks, and family fun. Take turns choosing your favorite songs, dancing, singing, and telling silly stories. For even more fun, play dress-up during your party using clothes you have at home. Allow your children to dress from your closet to resemble a favorite artist or celebrity.


Have a family pajama day. Children and adults enjoy this relaxing day with snacks, movies, and rest. Instead of distracting your children with high-energy activities, give the family a day of rest, movies, and quiet time. Wear pajamas for the entire day. Plan your meals ahead of time, and try to avoid too much outside interaction. Enjoy your favorite movies or sporting events and maybe even a nap or two!


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