Good Old Summertime

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Along with VBS and camp, some of my fondest memories of summer as a kid were those days best described as just being a kid. Back then, we were able to gather a neighborhood friend or four, hop on our bikes and take off. Whether precisely planned or on a whim, the destination if there was a destination at all, didn't matter. We went to the neighborhood pool, park, ice cream store, each other's houses and just rode around.  We drank Kool Aid without fear of red dye and ate Chips Ahoy cookies unconcerned about preservatives. We cooled off with popsicles, sprinklers and Slip N Slides. Without a color coded calendar of scheduled activities, we returned home when our parents called us (literally calling out as opposed to a cell phone) to come in. These are memories that have stayed with me; memories I wish my own child could have. In today's world, sending an  unsupervised elementary aged child off on a bike or pulling a wagon with various asundries in tow is at the very least, irresponsible. Safety aside, the probability of coordinating numerous kids' calendars for spontaneous activities is next to nothing. Are carefree summer memories for today's kids impossible? No. Will they be like the days we had as kids, the days of waving goodbye to our parents after breakfast and not seeing them until dinnertime? No. Can we make summer memories for our children with simple things; things like making Mickey Mouse pancakes for dinner, playing hopscotch with them, backyard picnics, finger painting, hosting a popsicle party complete with a water balloon fight, doing the Hokey Pokey and staying up late for family movie nights? As far as our family, we've decided to make memories. Simple ones that will hopefully be remembered with fondess as summertime as a family.

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written by MomMom, June 22, 2009
I'm touched by and proud of this mother! She has her priorities right for sure! And it shows when you see her family!
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