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Summer is waving good-bye, and that means your already-busy schedule is going to get more demanding. No more late night movies or random strolls around the neighborhood. Commutes take longer and adding your child’s dance or football practice in the evening means creating a whole new schedule. However, with a new school year comes many fun things for you and your family, such as fall festivals and family gatherings. Looking forward to the fun things makes it easier to transition back into work and school.

Here are a few things that may help the transition into the back-to-school rhythm.

First, relax. Take a few deep breaths and learn to embrace the different seasons in life. Have an end-of-summer party with the neighbors, or order a pizza for the family and watch a good movie together.

Slowly shift the schedule forward an hour or two. New research shows that getting young children into bed by 8 p.m. can significantly reduce their chances of obesity and anxiety later in life. While we can’t add extra hours to your day, we do suggest these changes to juggle multiple chores: Add times next to your to-do list and oversee homework time, while working together to put dinner on the table by 7 p.m. Plus, if your children get more sleep, waking the family up in the morning may be more pleasant for you.

Choose your battles. Too many blogs offer advice that may or may not be helpful to already-busy parents who are in survival mode. Sometimes people just need to praise you for a job well done. It’s fine if your 3-year-old wears an outfit that doesn’t match or begs to wear two different socks. That’s okay. Is there such a thing as a typical day for a preschool family? Decide which battles you want to address and which ones to ignore for now.

Read to your child.Research shows that reading aloud to your children, perhaps at night before bed, helps them process vocabulary and sentence structure, while also solidifying daily school concepts. This ensures academic success while at the same time lowering stress. (Yes, children may stress over going back-to-school just like you do.)

Work with the school. Your child’s school staff wants the best for your child. Victoria Fedden, a popular writer and mom, believes parents should resist the urge to get defensive and try to stay open-minded. “This isn’t personal,” she says. Actually working together with your child’s teachers benefits your child. Once your child knows you like his or her teacher, your child will feel more comfortable in school. Learning becomes fun and less stressful. This is why at Kids ‘R’ Kids we believe “Hug first, then teach.”

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