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Continuing with the theme of making summer memories by doing simple, fun stuff with your kids, we've come up with a list. These are some fun things to do at home with our kids and they don't cost a lot of, if any, money. Have fun and start making some memories!


1.   Play Ice Hockey.  All you need are two brooms, ice cubes and a driveway.

2.   Water balloon toss, hot potato or any other game with water balloons.

3.    Have a popsicle party.

4.    Have a lemonade stand. Donate the proceeds to a charity for children's items or back to school.

5.    Get out the sleeping bags and even a tent and camp out in the living room. Roast marshmallows with adult supervision.

6.    Family Movie Night – Check out a couple of classic DVD’s from the library, pop some popcorn and make it a weekly event.

7.    Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show in the living room.

8.    Fill up a baby pool (or any container) with ice cubes and see who can pick up the most cubes with their toes.

9.    Get out the board games or Go Fish.

10.   Draw pictures and send to the grandparents.

11.    Make a list of fun facts about family members and play 'Who Knew' Family trivia.

12.    Have a hula hoop contest.

13.    Have your child spin the globe with his/her eyes closed and put a finger where it stops. Go to the library and find out everything there is to know about the place.

14.    Choose an age appropriate current event. Follow its progress and make posterboards.

15.    Finger paint.

16.    Get out the camera and let the little ones take the pictures. Make a big foam board to display them.

17.    One night a week, let the kids pick and plan the dinner menu. Let them help with the preparations. Even a 3 year old can stir.

18.    Pack up a picnic and have it in the yard.

19.    Play on a slip and slide.

20.    Have father/daughter night or mother/son night.  Let your child choose the activity.

21.    Lie in the grass and try to figure out the cloud shapes.

22.    Have a teddy bear tea party.

23.    Get out a children’s CD and make up dances.

24.    Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt around the house

25.    Make sandcastles in the sandbox.


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written by MomMom, June 22, 2009
This all sounds so fun it makes one want to do all of it! Right away!
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