Safety During the Fall

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Fall is the best season. From college football to cooler weather to fun holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, there isn’t a better time of the year. Unless you’re more into spring or summer or winter. Then there’s a better time.

For the rest of us, that means we’ll be outside enjoying the sunshine and the cool weather. We want our kids to enjoy the weather and activities just like we do. Among all these events, however, we need to remember to keep our children safe.

Children love these special days. Parents do too. There are so many opportunities to make special memories this time of year, such as a costume parade, a football game, and festivals. Adding these simple precautions below as you enjoy these events can be the answer to balancing fun and safety.

1.   Keep an eye on your children. If you feel an environment is safe enough for your older child to move beyond your vision, take another child with you so the children can stay together. It is not recommended to leave young children unsupervised in public places, playgrounds, shops, events, and so on.

2.   If you have an infant or toddler, keep the stroller near you at all times. If your toddler is able to walk, hold hands and take your time.

3.   Talk to your children about strangers. You can never know a stranger’s intentions toward your child, no matter how innocent they appear.

4.   Establish a meeting place just in case your child gets lost.

5.   Wear light colored clothing if your family will be outdoors at night. Bright colors are easier to find in a crowd.

6.   Be careful when the family is distracted by interesting activities and sights. It only takes a moment to distract you from watching your child.

7.   Listen to your child. If you hear something like, “That man said something to me,” be careful and notify authorities if necessary.

8.   Establish a plan for older children. Ask where they will be, and establish a way to contact you if needed. Also, remind them to stay in the area agreed upon and not to move to other areas without your knowledge. Finally, have a quick conversation reminding them of your safety rules.

One of the joys of being a child is the freedom to laugh, play, and discover the world. Fun events during the fall and winter holiday seasons offer many opportunities for children and families to enjoy time together and with friends. For more ideas on keeping your child safe in public places, talk to the experts at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies. They understand a parent’s desire to balance learning, fun, and safety.


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