What Your Child Can Learn Through an Easter Egg Hunt

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An Easter Egg Hunt can be a fun event for the whole family, but did you know it can also be an educational opportunity for your child? Here are six creative ways your child can learn through an egg hunt:


1.   Toddlers Can Learn Colors

Before letting your toddler loose to find as many plastic eggs as possible, tell your toddler only to collect a specific color or colors of eggs. This will help your toddler distinguish between different colors and make the game more challenging!


2.   Toddlers Can Learn Shapes

If you’re creating your own egg hunt, fill plastic eggs with different shaped objects. After the eggs are all found, reward your child for naming each of the shapes found in his or her eggs.


3.   Preschoolers Can Learn Numbers

If you’re creating your own egg hunt, use a permanent marker to number the plastic eggs before hiding them. Challenge your children to find the eggs in order from 1 to 20, or 1 to 100 if you’re that ambitious!


4.   Preschoolers Can Learn Sight Words

If you’re creating your own egg hunt, fill plastic eggs with pieces of paper with words your child is learning to recognize. After the eggs are all found, reward your child for being able to read all the words found in his or her eggs.


5.   Preschoolers Can Learn Teamwork

If you’re creating your own egg hunt, fill plastic eggs with puzzle pieces. After all the eggs are collected, have the children work together to build the puzzle. Reward children for their teamwork!


6.   All Children Can Learn Healthy Competition

Before your children participate in an egg hunt, remind them to be kind and respectful to other children participating. Teach your children to be competitive without being mean. Remind children that collecting the most eggs is not the point of the activity, having fun is!


At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies of Houston, TX we believe learning should be fun. With these creative Easter egg hunt ideas, your children will come back to day care, preschool or pre-K excited to share their egg hunt stories. We want to encourage that kind of excitement toward learning every day. Each of our Kids ‘R’ Kids locations provides an advanced curriculum and a nurturing environment for learning, growth and development.


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